20 Celebs You Didn’t Know Are Ivy League Educated


Emma Watson

The British-Born Harry Potter actress weaved magic into her studies at Brown University, graduating in the class of 2014 with a degree in English Literature. She has since gone on to become UN Women Goodwill Ambassador.



James Franco

Super-intelligent actor Franco has got several degrees from Ivy League schools. He is also a PhD Yale student and received his MFA from Columbia University.



Jane Lynch

Lynch has a film and TV resume that reads like an actor’s dream. Before the dazzling lights of Hollywood called, Jane was a young aspiring actress, studying a Theatre MFA at Cornell University.



Jodie Foster

Despite acting from a young age, Foster still managed to shoehorn in a first rate education. She graduated from Yale University, class of 1984 with a degree in literature.



John Krasinski

Another The Office star on our list. TV actor Krasinski was educated at Brown University and graduated from the class of 2001 as a playwright with honours.



John Legend

Legend is a philanthropist, Grammy Award winner and Golden Globe and Academy Award-winning musician. He’s also one smart cookie, graduating magna cum laude from UPenn in 1999.