Pretty convincing reasons why study-abroad-friends are the best friends


One of the best aspects of the college experience is studying abroad. Not everyone gets the chance to do so, but those who have been lucky enough to do so, surely know that after even traveling to somewhere foreign, living in a new country, and learning a little, that the best part is the friends made there.  You all start out as nervous strangers, and once the semester ends you’ve all become best friends for life. Here are 5 good reasons why.

You went through cultural differences together

While traveling to a new country, there are without a doubt going to be cultural misunderstandings and differences. Some of these are more difficult to understand than others, but together with your new friends you are forced to figure out these challenges together. The stressful experiences that you go through together become memories for life and something you will always laugh about. Even something as small as figuring out how to use a shower can be one of the best moments.


You figured out public transit together

Navigating through public transportation is a great way to truly get to know someone. It can be quite frustrating, stressful and requires a lot of patience. But if you have tackled your way through a new city with your new friends, you are bound to have established a lasting bond and have passed barriers pretty quickly.

They are the only people that listen to your reminiscing about your trip

When you go on the trip of a lifetime, funny things are bound to occur. But when you come back home, most of your friends and family will not understand those little inside jokes. Your friends from your study abroad trip are the only ones that will understand the memories from your trip, while others might get annoyed about constantly hearing stories that they cannot relate to.


They have seen all sides of you

Upon meeting you never thought you would be so close, but after experiencing this life changing journey together, you have inevitably learned everything about each other. Studying abroad means both traveling and living with the people around you, and that truly lets all the good, bad and the ugly out.  It takes people out of their comfort zones and puts them in vulnerable situations, which in turns can only bring people closer.

You know they’ve got your back

You watched out for each other during any kind of potential crises. When you’re studying abroad you don’t know whether or not a threat is in front of you or not.  You always have to be extra aware when in a foreign country, and that’s exactly why you’ve got a crew that’s got your back at all times.  You will always remember and appreciate the times that your friends looked out for you and took care of you in times of need.