Try these simple tricks if you want to manage your exam stress

It is inevitable to experience exam stress, even the highest of achievers will experience these feelings. It is simply an unavoidable aspect of being a student and can be quite difficult to deal with.  There is a reason you are experiencing the stress, but it is a choice to let it take over you or not.


In order to beat exam stress, it is important to understand prior why this high anxiety is occurring, and from there you can create methods to help you reduce these feelings. Some reasons for high anxiety include a lack of preparation, low levels of motivation, high expectations from others as well as peer competition.  But what stands between a student who will let the stress completely take over them and a student that takes the stress and merely works harder is attitude.  And therefore there are some unique ways to put stressful feelings aside and concentrate on the goal of being successful.

Listening to Classic music can create a better study environment, one that is more productive and positive as it can lift your mood and push you to want to study longer and in a more efficient manner.  Any type of ambient music can help, however, Classical music is known to be the best kind in order to increase your brainpower.  Another effective way of reducing exam stress is by taking a walk.  Although many students think they should spend every waking second studying, sometimes exercise such as walk can seriously help your memory and brain power.


Planning your study routine is also very crucial in reducing your exam stress.  This is commonly known, however so many students fail to recognize the actual benefits of doing this.  Planning ahead can make you more motivated to stick to the plan and help you be more productive. Furthermore, several universities have set up puppy rooms, in which students can go to in order to relieve their anxiety. Pets are known to help you focus and calm down, as well as popping bubble wrap.

In addition, getting a significant amount of sleep is often forgotten. But it can really help your brain take in new information and store it into your memory, and prepare you as well as possible for the exam. There are also a myriad of cell phone applications that can help you with your exam stress, ranging from helping you be more organized, practice some mathematics or improve your language skills.


Meditation is also a very effective method to reduce your stress and give yourself a break. It can also help you better focus when studying by improving your overall health, both physically and mentally.  And believe it or not, eating dark chocolate can fight stress and actually relax the body and chocolate releases endorphins.

Another way to reduce exam stress is to let it out and talk to someone. Sometimes you might feel like screaming as loud as you can, but it can really help to talk to a loved one about how you are feeling and they can help you feel more empowered and remind you that exam period is temporary.  And of course, if you try to avoid distractions such as social media you will better be able to focus and feel more confident in the material, and therefore more confident.