The benefits of general studies in college


If you aren’t aware, general studies is exactly what you would imagine. Rather than forcing students to choose a major that they aren’t 100% set on and may later regret, general studies is an interdisciplinary degree which is equal in value to other degrees but covers a wide range of topics. So, what are the benefits of this type of degree?

Broad knowledge

One of the best things about opting for a general studies programme is that you will develop an extensive base knowledge in a whole host of subjects, from biology and philosophy to social sciences and cultural studies. By learning so much about the world, you may be able to decide what sort of field you would like to go into in the future, or at the very least you will be pretty great to have on a pub quiz team!

Developing skills

A General Studies degree is fantastic for developing transferable skills such as critical thinking and communication, which are vital in any job and will be a real benefit to your resume. You will build your literacy and math skills too which is really important! A a lot of people who do not take science or math based degrees will find their math skills get a little rusty. Whatever area you go into in the future, the skills you learn during this course will be relevant and transferable.

Personally rewarding

The general studies degree is such a personally rewarding degree as it allows you to look closely at your favorite subjects as well as introducing you to topics that may be entirely new to you. You will end up with a very rounded education and will hopefully find that by the end of your time at college you are a lot more aware of what area you would like to go into and are more certain of your future career path. You can make a degree in general studies really work for you based on your own interests and future career goals which can lead to a high level of personal fulfillment.

Career options

There are so many career options for someone with a general studies degree. Of course, if you want to do something specific, such as being a nurse or a teacher, then you need to major in set subjects; however, some career paths really lend themselves to someone with this type of degree and the skills that are developed through it. For example, you could get work in media, marketing, entertainment, non-profit, management, recreation and even government or law enforcement. Taking a general studies course allows you not to pigeonhole yourself into one specific area and therefore keeps your opportunities open until you know what direction you would like to go in.

A general studies degree is not for everyone, but neither is any other degree. If you are struggling to decide what it is you want to study, or perhaps you just want to get an all-round education that spans a vast range of topics, then consider taking a general studies degree. It can serve as an excellent stepping stone or prerequisite for any further training and studies also.