The 29 Most Luxurious Student Recreation Centers In American Colleges

All work and no play make education a real dull time. Luckily, most Colleges understand this and provide great recreational areas for students to unwind and enjoy themselves.Here are some of the most luxurious.

University of Wyoming

If you like staying fit, the University of Wyoming has you covered. With a fully functional gym and swimming facilities, you’ve got no excuses to be wasting your days sat on the couch. They also offer bicycle hire for students.



University of Chicago

It may have cost them $51 million, but the University of Chicago’s athletics center is almost second to none. The recreational exercise programs offered range from dance classes to kickboxing, and even Zumba.



Vanderbilt University

In 2014, Vanderbilt University opened the doors of their brand new wellness center. Key features of the center are an eight-lane running track and an international standard squash court. As a bonus, a massage therapy service is offered to students.



University of Alabama – Birmingham

Peace of body and mind can be found at this University, which has a highly regarded Yoga class for students. The University offers several group trips out into the wilderness of National Parks.