5 ways to make a jobless summer more productive


We all know the feeling, you’ve got the whole summer away from college, you haven’t got a job, you haven’t got any money, and there’s only so much you can stay in and binge-watch Netflix, or sit outside and sunbathe, before you become mind-numbingly bored. So what do you do? Check out these 5 ways to make a jobless summer productive, so you’re not dying of boredom by the time you get back to college.


Learn new skills

Whether this is educational or not is completely down to you (although educational would obviously look better on your resume). You could learn to crack code, you could learn to play guitar, learn Spanish, learn to cook (in order to improve your college staple meal: cereal), or learn to ride a motorcycle. The options are endless. Have a real think about your life goals, and any skills that you’d need that you don’t currently possess – now go learn it.



If you’ve always wanted to give something back to the world, volunteering is a great way to keep yourself busy and productive, alongside helping others. During your summer break, you could give back to your community and make a real impact on other people’s’ lives, as well as meet new contacts that could be beneficial in your future career. You could help out in a homeless shelter, in a food bank, in a nursery, old people’s’ home, animal shelter – or even just offer to cut your neighbors’ grass! Volunteering is incredibly humbling.


Get ahead of the game

Okay, so this one won’t be for everyone. However, if you really want to stay productive over the summer college break, get ahead of your college work for next year. This could be reading around the subjects or the modules you’ve chosen, taking a look online on what it’s all about, learning before you get into the classroom, and maybe even writing a few essays on the subjects! Before you know it, you’ll be back at college and overflowing with work, so getting ahead of the game could be a life-saver.

Work on yourself

One of the biggest factors in staying productive is being positive and happy with yourself, your goals and your own mental health. Use your college summer break to really work on yourself and define your goals for life (scary, we know), working on your health, your body and your physique, forcing yourself into a habit of waking up early (well, before 11 am that’s for sure) and getting everything you need done for the day.

Take on an internship

Internships are one of the best ways to get you ready for adult and professional life. There are thousands of companies that offer college students internships over the summer, and they are the perfect way to get you used to the world of work. Along with being a place to learn new skills that can be taken through to your studies, and your job hunt. Most internships are unpaid, but their importance and what you’ll take away from it is invaluable.