Five Perfect Gifts To Give A College Graduate

With graduation only being a few months away, it is time to be thinking about graduation gifts. With this in mind, the following suggestions would all make perfect high school or college gifts, there is both frivolous and practical suggestions ranging in price points therefore you should find something for everyone.

The top gift for graduates has always been money, it is what is asked for most and in the majority of cases given. As a nation we spend over $5 billion on graduation gifts with about 60% being made up of money gifts.


Help with the Laundry

There are a multitude of student books that make a great addition for any student, or why not purchase a special notebook and fill it with words of wisdom. If a book doesn’t really do it for you, what about a personalized laundry bag. You can now purchase these with the meanings of an array of laundry symbols and this could certainly save any frantic phone calls regarding how things should be washed!


Any college graduates that are moving to an area with limited transportation will certainly welcome any help with car insurance or money towards a car. If they are not ready for a car, and they are going to attend a campus that is suited to a bike, this could be the most useful and suitable gift you could give.

There is nothing like coffee

College graduates habitually find themselves pushing through late into the night or in the early hours of the morning studying will certainly appreciate their own single serving coffee maker. Not only will this gift save them a huge amount of time, but also money, and if tea is their drink of choice, a small electric kettle will be just the job.

Staying away

The time has come where a college graduate needs to stop using carrier bags for their luggage, therefore a small duffle or tote will be really useful when it comes to visit home, for weekends away, travelling or the job interviews that you hope will come in thick and fast.

Financial help

With statistics showing that over 70% of college students end up with debts of up to $30,000 when they finally graduate, any help and assistance with their repayments will be gratefully received and truly a useful and much appreciated graduation gift.