Gift ideas to give to someone who goes to college


Going to college is one of the most memorable experiences of any teenagers life – so of course, you have to celebrate this moment with a gift, right? But what kinds of gifts do you give someone who goes to college? Something they need? Something they want? Something for their room? I mean, we all know college kids would love to be given cash, but we’re not feeling that generous…


An alarm clock

Okay, so we all know the reputation of college kids – basically, there’s no way they’d get up in time for a 9am lecture. So why not give them a gift to remind them of their responsibilities? Alarm clocks are small, compact and cheap, the perfect gift to slip into their box when they’re not looking. Many digital alarm clocks now come with radio and audio options, so they can even have their favorite song as their wake-up tune! It might not make them go to their lectures, but you tried.


The first year of college is never quiet. With hundreds of people around you in the surrounding dorms, your roommates, the college parties, and the excitable teens, there is no time just to get away, be alone and forget the world. And for some young people, having their own space can make all the difference to their mental health and their enjoyment of college. Buying a high school graduate some noise-cancelling headphones not only gives them a chance to block out the noise if they’re trying to sleep, but it also gives them a chance to stick the headphones on, play their favorite music and block out the world for a (9)

Photo album

If your family member or close friend is going away to college and leaving you behind (no, they aren’t doing it to spite you. Yes, they still love you), they’re going to need something to remember you by. Creating a photo album is one of the most inexpensive, yet invaluable gifts a college goer could receive. Not only does it show that you care, but it also provides a bit of familiarity for when they’re feeling lonely or homesick.

College cookbooks

Let’s be honest, the college diet consists of cereal two times a day, and potentially a bowl of mac and cheese if they’re feeling really productive. If it’s not that, it’s takeaway pizza. As we all know, a healthy body is a healthy mind – and a college kid needs a healthy mind to get them through the day. So equip them with a college cookbook to make sure they at least attempt to cook something healthy once in awhile.

Travel cup

College students are notorious for living off coffee – so why not give them the chance to drink coffee on the go? That way, they might be ready for their lectures in time! There are thousands of travel cups on the market, but if you want to make it special, you can personalize them with messages, photos or their names to remind them of home.