How volunteering while in college can actually help you find a job


Life after college can seem a scary thought – but you’ll think about it when you get to it, right? Well, not exactly. When you finish your degree, there will also be thousands of others across the country with exactly the same grades and degree as you and if you want to get your high-paying job, you’re going to need something extra. So why not volunteer? Here’s how volunteering while in college can actually help you find a job.


You can develop new skills

It’s all well and good learning new skills and understanding your subject, but it’s another thing putting them into practice. If you volunteer, you can gain additional real life experience that employers want. If you volunteer at events, you are able to project manage. If you work for a charity gaining donations, you have real life sales skills. And if you work within a company, you have the experience of working within a team. Boom. These are all skills employers look for in potential employees.

You can network

It’s always good to try and volunteer within the sector you wish to pursue as a career – this is not only important to see whether you actually enjoy it, but you can also meet new contacts and network. Getting into the world of work is often based on who you know, and if you already know people in the business, you have a way in. You never know, the people you volunteer for could end up being your full-time boss. Or at least introducing you to them!

Boost your confidence

One of the most important aspects of volunteering is that it boosts your confidence and puts a spring in your step. Stepping out of the confines of education can be a scary experience, but knowing the ropes and feeling confident about it will change your whole outlook and get you ready for the world of work; what to expect from it and what the world expects from you.


It gives you the chance to explore other avenues

For some people, deciding on your exact career choice can take years, but volunteering while at college can help make that decision a little easier. If you’re torn between two options, you can try to find volunteering work in both of those sectors, try them out and see if you enjoy the work in real-life. The last thing you want is to put all of your eggs in one basket throughout college, to find out you hate the actual job when you get there.

It impresses employers

Most employers will find volunteering incredibly impressive. It shows you have a drive and motivation to work towards a goal, and will do anything to get there. Employers also like to employ staff with strong social responsibility, and selfless volunteering shows them that you are aware of problems in the world and are willing to help out – without just thinking of the monetary aspect of true working life. This adds depth to your character.