20 Fascinating Facts About Rio in Brazil in Preparation for the Olympics

This summer the Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro will play host to the Olympic Games. So, we thought we’d present you with 20 fascinating facts about Rio in preparation!

Street Art is Legal

It might be something that’s illegal in most places, but, in Rio, street art is perfectly fine. It adds a beautiful and unique appeal to Rio’s backstreets.


It Was Home to the Largest Ever Concert

You might not think it, but Rio boasts the accolade of being home to the largest ever concert. Back in 1994 ageing crooner Rod Stewart played to an estimated 3.5 million fans!



Barry Manilow Wrote a Song About It

It’s all true. Barry Manilow wrote the song Copacabana; inspired by his visit to Copacabana Hotel in Rio. The song became a gold single and earned Manilow a Grammy Award!



It Has a Wonder of the World

Did you know that the city has its very own Wonder of the World?! Christ the Redeemer stands at the peak of the Corcovado Mountain. It is listed as one of the New Seven Wonders of the World.



A City of Halves

For all its beauty and grandeur, Rio de Janeiro is very much a city of two halves. Despite the billions spent on the FIFA World Cup and the Olympics, there is poverty throughout.