The 25 Most Promising Jobs for Millennials


Recently, nonprofit Young Invincibles undertook some research to find out what exactly are the most promising jobs for millennials. Here are some of their findings, and the 25 most promising careers for those millennials who want it all.


It’s certainly not an easy job, but fundraising is an industry set to grow at a rate of 17% by 2022 and offers an average income of $50,680, so if persuading people to part with their money for good causes is your strength then maybe fundraising is for you.



You can earn a cool $56,530 by becoming a surveyor, cartographer or photogrammetrist – industries that are set to increase by 12% in 2022 and are a great option for those millennials who are interested in the area.


Agricultural and food science

As an agricultural and food scientist, you can earn $58,610 while working on the best, most effective ways to grow good food. This area is looking at a 9% growth by 2022, so it is certainly a good industry to go into.