30 Highest Paying Careers In America


America; the land of opportunity, the home of the modern capitalist system. Still, you’re not going to make yourself rich flipping burgers. You need to know the right path to take, so here are 30 of the highest paying careers in America.

Hotel Management

The hospitality job to end all hospitality jobs. The top salaries here end up around $73,000. Duties may vary in this career, as your primary goal is to ensure your patrons are pleased above all else.



Earning a decent high end of $73,000, Nurses do an invaluable job in hospitals across the United States. While both emotionally and physically draining, you’ll find most Nurses to be determined, good natured, and kind.



A much-derided profession, but you can earn a sweet $76,000 if you play your cards right and do well at your job. Whether you’re working for a firm or are self employed, there’s always someone out there who needs a bean counter.


Food Scientist

Effectively a combination of farming and genetics, people in this field have been able to go so far as to boost the nutrition of foods by altering their genetic structure. Salaries top out at around $78,000 here.


Political Scientist

Whether you’re working for a particular political party or not, you’re always going to find some outlet looking to solicit your opinion on the current political events of the day. The top rate of pay is around $78,000.


Fashion Designer

Living at the cutting edge of fashion can net you a top end salary of $79,000. While highly competitive and notoriously difficult to gain a foothold in, the work is plentiful even on the lower levels of the fashion world.


Project Manager

Somebody needs to be the driving force for keeping projects on track. Your strengths as a professional Project Manager will be goal-focussed over any specifics of the task. You can be paid up to $80,000 for this.


Molecular Biologists

While the pay seems to top out at around $81,000, the applications of the molecular sciences are increasing all the time. Animals, plants, and humans all benefit from the work these people do.


Occupational Health And Safety Advisors

In this career, your top priorities are the health and safety of others. You have to know what their jobs involve, combined with risk management strategies to limit any possible chance of injury. They can be paid up to $81,000.



Pay may vary, but the high end is usually in the ballpark of $81,000. The field of study and the career itself is a wide open path. Oil refining and petrochemical processing can be owed to Chemists, for example.