30 Highest Paying Careers In America


Mechanical Engineering Technology

Technicians in these fields assist the engineers by filling in the technical gaps left in the designs for mechanical devices and tools. They’re paid less than engineers, with a top rate of remuneration at around $85,000.


International Business

International Managers take a bird’s eye view of business, observing it globally instead of on the local level. They see if actions taken in Country A are affecting business in Country B, and so on. They can be paid up to $85,000.

Business people shaking hands after successful negotiations

Information Security Specialist

With the threat against cyber security graver than ever, people in this field are constantly battle against those who would have illegal access to computer networks. They can be paid up to $85,000, depending on seniority.


Industrial Designer

If you own any modern day product, it’s like an Industrial Designer has had a hand in its conception. Paid up to $85,000, they design, create, and style all kinds of manufactured goods, from cars to kitchen appliances.



Largely working in the industrial field of mining, Geologists are essential in discovering places to mine natural minerals and metals from the Earth. The top end of pay comes to about $86,000.


Construction Management

This career means you are the binding agent for the separate areas of construction. Project design and human resources management are the primary responsibilities here. The higher salaries come to around $89,000.

Computer Information Systems Manager

People in this career are usually quite integral to the businesses they work in, and can expect a high-end rate of pay at $89,000. As most businesses rely on computers for almost everything, this job can be a high-stress job.


Aviation Management

The high end of the salary average caps out at $90,000 in this career. This job takes a very broad approach to things, dealing with airline regulations, scheduled repair and maintenance of the aircrafts and staff hire.


Architectural Engineer

Knowing the mathematical and geographical principles of building design, they can control the overall artistic look of the building, but they also must account for its practicality. They can earn up to $90,000.



Analyzing the lifeblood of our society, money, Economists can earn up to $97,000. They habitually know rules of the local and global economy inside out and understand how different variables can shape the overall economy.