5 Unusual Jobs For College Students


Nowadays, college is a pretty expensive experience. Whether you are working to pay your tuition, or to afford the occasional night out with friends, almost every single college student has to work in one form of a job or another. The classic jobs include coffee shop barista, clothing store assistant, waiter, bartender, or, if you have the hook-up, a personal assistant/secretary at a company. These classic jobs are pretty great, but you won’t find them on this list. This list is for the strange, awesome and all around unusual jobs a college student can find to help pay their way through the educational maze.

Tupperware Lady

Yes, yes, a Tupperware lady. We all remember our mother’s having Tupperware parties when we were younger. All of her girlfriends would come over with their Tupperware catalog and go gaga over the pages for hours, until the day the official saleslady, in this instance a college sophomore, would come to this gathering to place the official orders. Full disclosure, seeing a mom get her Tupperware delivery (in a giant white, clear bag) is the most joyous vision there is to be seen. Being a Tupperware lady sounds like a pretty unusual, yet super satisfying job.  


Love Letter Transcriber

Listen up all English Literature majors! This is a real thing. People will pay someone to write love letters for them; Jane Eyre would be proud! Be it original poems or letters, or artistically transcribing epic old love poems, there are those who would pay for a college student to do the hard work for them in wooing their possible future mate. Talk about easy money! To those who are creatively gifted anyway, this is probably one of the greatest side jobs to ever exist.

Worm Catcher

We kid you not, this is a real thing. Although under a more official name of Research Assistant, the actual job description for this one is to find worms in order to use them as bait. This little job comes out of the University of Minnesota in Duluth. Apparently hunting for worms is a time consuming job that is beneath the head researchers. Well, someone’s got to do it, and when you’re a struggling college student, that person is you.    

Baseball Game DJ

This is what we like to call easy money. All this job entails is bringing along a computer, connecting it to the stadium sound system, and clicking ‘play’ on any of the long list of classic baseball game classic tunes. Once the music is on, just kick up your heels and watch the game. Amazingly enough, this job actually pays; it was offered at Yale University to anyone with knowledge of baseball and are free a few hours a week. Cool.

Uber Driver

This job is a new one but probably the best earning option on here. Any college kid with a driver’s license and a car can make some really good side money by being an Uber driver. The best part of this job is that it can be done from any place at any time; basically, total autonomy.