Following these Instagram accounts make me feel body positive

The Bo-Po Movement is all around us and most importantly, it’s beginning to conquer Instagram. Becoming body positive is a journey that takes longer than you’d expect to accomplish; the average female is perfectly aware of what the media depicts as the “ideal” body and we’ve forgotten to teach adolescent girls what the most comfortable and healthy body type is for them. Every woman fits into a pair of jeans differently. There is no “right” cup size. And, of course, each body is beautiful and unique in its own right. The following 5 Instagram accounts are a breath of fresh air when sometimes you feel like your drowning in societal expectations on pretty much, well, any social media platform. Indulge in these body positive heroes and pay attention to the storm they’re about to bring on the internet.


If I’d be guilty of placing my favorite body positive account on this list, #bodyposipanda would make me a criminal. Megan Jayne Crabbe is bo-po inspiration for anyone who has struggled with their weight and excessive dieting in the past.

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She’s often hashtagged as a recovery hero and has essentially revolutionized the craft of self-love. Follow her Instagram account and soon enough, her endearing confidence and bubbly personality will rub off on you. Megan is a fantastic candidate to look up and embody on your path to self-appreciation. Her new book, Body Positive Power, is available for pre-order on Amazon as an e-book and hardcover.


Skye Grace is a young adult novelist, pop culture fanatic, and a body positive enthusiast. I mean, check out the name of her account – #pizzaandpositivity! This bo-po pioneer is all about enjoying what you eat and doing so without regret. If you take one look, followed by a neverending scroll, of her Instagram account, you’ll notice that she’s an advocate of women empowerment.

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Pizzaandpositivity is the daily dose of self-esteem and encouragement all women desire at the start of their day. If you follow Sky Grace, including her personal accounts as well, you’re sure to feel that extra pep in your step as you strut down the street. This is the kind of social media account that reminds you you’re beautiful and a total knockout, already in the skin you’re in.


Body positivity doesn’t apply to just one body type. Over at #nourishandeat, Gina likes to emphasize the importance of embracing your imperfections, even though, they’re already perfect in retrospect. As a woman, you can have a slim frame and still find ways to pick yourself apart, piece by piece. Gina promotes the girl power that comes along with biology’s effects on the female body.

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Oh, those stretch marks? Their signs of a warrior woman That tummy roll? The cutest thing on the planet (not to mention, completely natural). Last but not least – that cake you had for dessert? It was freaking delicious and you deserve it. Follow Gina at nourishandeat and you won’t regret the metaphysical support you feel from a fellow, outspoken feminist.

Joanna Thangiah

Joanna Thangiah is a unique type of body positive inspo. Through her artwork, she promotes not just positive body image but the importance of maintaining your mental health. This specific Instagram account is an epic concept of sorts, as she offers small pieces of her inner-most thoughts and cognitive monologues throughout each post. Her sketch work is enough to keep you entertained as it is but you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how this bo-po animation will touch the core of you.

Screen Shot 2017-04-24 at 3.32.54 PM

Joanna Thangiah is also a self-proclaimed feminist who also touches upon the gender identity and political disputes. She’s a talented artist with a creative narrative, in both visual capacity and intellectualism.


Ashley Armitage’s #ladyist account will strike your fancy if you appreciate abstract and realist design. Just as a disclaimer, ladyist is probably the most intimate and revealing bo-po account on our list but if you can handle a little “bareness,” then it’s right up your alley. Ashley is a bonafide photographer who captures the characteristics of women on camera, which happen to be the same characteristics that society deems as “flaws.”

Screen Shot 2017-04-24 at 3.41.58 PM

If you’re in the market for a body positive account doesn’t pull any punches, isn’t afraid to be bold, and gives true meaning to the phrase “no shame,” then go follow ladyist for your daily dose of beauty that comes in all shapes, sizes, and traits.