Why homework is going extinct

Homework going extinct? This is every child’s dream come true. Why didn’t this happen when we were children? Well for some reason, it’s starting to happen only now. Better late than never, and here’s why.

For one, students are increasingly not completing their homework because the homework assignments themselves are increasing. And it is simply not a realistic expectation to think that young people will be constantly working. Schools starts and stops at a certain hour, just like many jobs. There are people that work in jobs that require investing many hours and only leave when their work is finished. But this does not work for everyone. Most people will work until their work day ends, and then start off from where they left off the next day.

When it comes to homework, there will inevitably be some students who didn’t finish their work. This does not mean they are lazy, it simply could be that they work slower than the other students.  Unfortunately, they are viewed as not caring and as unmotivated, but if they were given time restrictions perhaps they could be a lot more successful.  There is so much pressure to improve education but it has only led to higher homework demands. And in turn, this only reduces success for children who struggle to complete their required tasks. As students do not comply with homework, other students often follow the trend.

Teachers need to understand that the value of homework sometimes needs to be put aside. Homework is always being done in another setting, such as the parent’s home. If teachers accept this and respect the parent’s role and give homework with their consent, then teachers will be required to assign more meaningful work. With this, parents will be more supportive and flexible with teachers, and students as well will be more motivated to complete the tasks at hand.

A teacher threatening a child to fail him if he does not complete his homework is not an effective method.  This will cause his parents high stress and fear that their child will fail as well. This pattern can cause behavioral problems and can be abusive to the child.


It must also be recognized that there are many factors that parents have no control over.  Similar to how we often accept that the only physical activity students get is during a gym class, we need to also understand that the only school work a student will be willing to do is in the classroom, and technology is blame for both of these issues.

Of course, students have always complained about their homework, but the is unarguably a popular new trend of students really not doing it. Back in the day, most of us were not allowed to play video games or watch television until we had finished our homework. Even nowadays, TV is only one of the many distractions that teenagers have, distractions range from iPads, laptops and cell phones.  Basically, children have more distractions from homework than ever before, and this is why homework is slowly going extinct. It’s simply not being done, and teachers have no choice but to allocate more in-class time to complete work.


In the past, the student would merely fail the class, now an uncompleted homework assignment gives the teacher the blame mostly. Why aren’t they offering fair material? Or engaging material? And why aren’t they motivating their students? Why aren’t they making enough class time to do school work?

While it is almost impossible to get rid of all distractions at home, the parents of the student are the only people that really have the power.  The present day student is living in a new age where homework is no longer stressed.