What to do on a spring break staycation if you’re not sure how to plan one


Spring Break! There is so much pressure to do something amazing during Spring break, but it’s not always feasible. Perhaps due to money constraints or other commitments, you might not be able to take a trip to a sunny beach and spend your days lounging and snorkeling, and so you might be looking at a staycation instead. Don’t be disheartened; there are so many things you can do on a Spring break staycation that will really make it worth it!

Indulge in that series

Never watched Game of Thrones? Didn’t get around to reading the Harry Potter series? It’s time to pick up a book or TV show that you have been meaning to get into and give it a go. You’ll have plenty of free time, so no excuses! Knowing that there is an end to the series will make it feel almost productive too!

Learn something new

We all have a long list of things that we are interested in, but during the semester, we don’t have the time, nor the brain power, to fit any of it in. Spend your time researching something cool, like the study of dreams, or learning a new skill such as sign language. This will keep your brain working but remind you how much fun it is to learn!

Get cooking

Dig out all of those fun recipe videos you’ve saved on Facebook and finally try and make some of them. You will widen your repertoire in the kitchen for the school year, and it will make you very popular on campus. Invite other staycationing friends over for a dinner party too!

Go on a tech detox

You don’t want to look up suddenly and realize that it’s the end of Spring break and you’ve spent the whole time scrolling down Reddit and achieved nothing. Give yourself some media blackout hours, if not a full day or two and see how much better you feel, allowing yourself to concentrate on something fully without picking up your phone.

Earn some good karma

It feels nice to do something nice, so get to it! You could volunteer for a cause that is important to you, plan a charity event or just do a random act of kindness for someone you know, it will be appreciated, and you can feel proud of yourself for making a difference.

Go on day trips

Just because it’s a staycation, that doesn’t mean you have to stay home! Explore everything your local area has to offer, or head a little further out of your city. As you are not paying for flights and accommodation like a normal Spring break, you should hopefully have a little bit of extra cash to splash out on something you never normally do.

Treat yourself

Have the ultimate pamper session in your very own home spa. Light candles, paint your nails, put on a face mask and soak in the tub. Who needs the beach?

Don’t spend your staycation feeling sorry for yourself, embrace the freedom to do all of the things that you never get around to doing when you are at home!