Underrated Workout Award: Pilates

These days, it seems like there are new workouts coming out of every fitness instructor on the planet. Trends like TRX, yoga, circuit training, and Zumba are on the rise and are constantly in competition with each other; it’s hard to know what’s the best option for you. While the best system to find out what’s the workout for you is the ‘trial and error’ method, we did the sweat-worthy hard work for you and have come to a conclusion: pilates is the most underrated workout of our time.

Pilates 2

Yes, the above is a pretty grandiose statement, but based on our physical and exhaustive research, it is absolutely the case. This workout was created by Joseph Pilates (nice one, after your own name, classy) in the early 1900’s. The main focus of pilates is on deep core stability, flexibility, balance and coordination. The workout itself may sound easy, but we assure you it is anything but. You can do this workout either on a mat or on a reformer, which is a machine that adds more resistance to your workout by way of metal springs and a sliding cushioned surface.

Here’s everything you need to know about pilates:

The intensity level is considered to be medium. We think it’s somewhere between yoga and TRX. We were super sore the following day and got stronger and stronger with every workout session.


The target areas that are hit the most are core (seriously, our abs were on fire!), legs, glutes (squat competition if you ask us), and both lower and upper back. Key thing to note – all of the target areas mentioned are linked to your core and therefore get worked out when your core is engaged.  

Pilates is strength training. You are using your own body as a weight and resistance. Pilates is NOT cardio. You’ll still need to get your run on, but trust us, if you add a couple of runs during the week added to the 2-3 pilates workouts, you’ll be seeing the results in no time.